HTC Thunderbolt Heading to Verizon Stores, Release Imminent?

After the expected release date of the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone for Verizon was moved with the expected release date now either the 4th or 10th of March, the word is shipments of the HTC Thunderbolt are now on the move to Verizon store.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Gizmo Fusion, Thunderbolt handset are in transit to Big Red stores and that sales will begin once the stores have stock of the Android 2.2 Froyo 4G smartphone.

Thus it’s looking good that potential customers will finally be able to snap up the HTC Thunderbolt within the next few days, hopefully the 4th of March rather than the 10th, but even if it is the 10th, it’s still not too long to wait.

Price wise though it may be a bit tough on customers to have to shell out so much cash for the device as apparently the HTC Thunderbolt commands a price tag of a whopping 700 bucks, as reported (here), so with that price in mind will you still be hoping to snap up the HTC Thunderbolt?


2 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Heading to Verizon Stores, Release Imminent?”

  1. cctx says:

    I cant wait any longer!!! I was in the verizon store 3 weeks ago when the t-bolt rep was there, she said it was comming out next week (two weeks ago) ive been waiting patiently. I will wait till the 11th then I'm done!!**!! i guess i can just buy a zoom and keep my driod x!!!

  2. This is the most ridiculous i have ever seen Verizon Wireless act over a phone. I am getting turned off to the TB and Verizon all together because of this charade. I am a14 year customer and have had to endure all the years before they realized that smartphones would be the future. The had to put up with all the piece of crap initial offerings by Verizon, before coming across the Samsung Omnia. When the original Droid hit the market i was first in line and had to argue about getting an early upgrade. Then we had the BS of coming out with the Droid X. NOW THIS SH-T WITH THE FREAKING THUNDERBOLT, HTC APPARENTLY IS READY TO GO AND IS ALSO ANNOYED WITH VZW BECAUSE OF THE GAMES THEY ARE PLAYING. GIVE UP THE FREAKING PHONE VERIZON, IN THE END YOU ARE NOT THE ONE AND ONLY IN THE MARKET AND YOUR PRICES ARE STILL HIGHER THAN THE COMPETITION. EVER HEARD OF A LITTLE COMPANY CALLED SPRINT

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