HTC Trophy 7 Verizon Launch & Release

The HTC Trophy 7 (Windows Phone 7) smartphone was mentioned last year and thanks to an image online it is now clear that Verizon is definitely getting this handset.

We mentioned something about Verizon gaining the HTC Trophy 7 smartphone back in December and thanks to Engadget they have the device with the Verizon logo branded onto it.

A source tipped Engagdet with an image of the HTC smartphone saying that it runs the latest Windows Phone 7, and even better than that; its comes with copy/paste support. It seems Verizon wishes to be up there with Sprint and its new release of the HTC Arrive so it stands to reason that Verizon wants a Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

According to Washington Post their source WinRumors suggest that Verizon is planning to announce the launch of the first WP7, it has also been suggested that Verizon could launch the HTC Trophy 7 today (Feb. 28) and release for sale in March sometime.

The HTC Trophy should be released with the new Windows’ NoDo update, it is this update that comes with the copy-paste function, as soon as we hear more about the HTC Trophy 7 release date and price details with Verizon we will let you know.

Something to keep you busy: Whilst you wait for more news on the Verizon HTC Trophy please watch this video of the smartphone being unboxed.


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