Apple iPad 2 Specs And Release Date Revealed By Amazon Listing

Well now, you probably know Apple is expected to unveil their Apple iPad 2 at an event today, but it would appear that Amazon may have been privy to some early info on the Apple iPad 2 and have outed the specs, price and release date.

According to an article over on Techtree, the guys over at Your Daily Apple happened upon an Apple iPad 2 post on the German Amazon website, which by the way has now been removed, which showed several specs for the iOS tablet along with pricing and expected release date.

So here’s what was found…apparently the Apple iPad 2 will sport a 9.7-inch display, 1.2GHz processor (possible dual-core?), WiFi, 3G, camera, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt port.

As for that release date, well the rumour had it that the next generation Apple iPad would see a near immediate release, but if the Amazon listing is anything to go by, they list availability as of the 17th of March priced at 499 Euros.

So there you have it, more info on the upcoming next generation iOS tablet, but one thing is for sure, everything should be confirmed later today at Apple’s iPad 2 event, the live times of which Mark posted earlier and can be found (here).

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