HTC Thunderbolt VZ Navigator App: Crazy But True

Now call this madness but there is a new HTC Thunderbolt VZ Navigator app, this is crazy but true and considering the major delay in releasing this handset it seems silly to release an app that’s available to download.

The HTC Thunderbolt has had a lot of attention of late and we cannot point the finger at HTC or Verizon as no one knows for sure who is too blame, some sources have speculated that it is all down to poor battery life but who knows for sure. Join the HTC Thunderbolt discussion page here.

A few things to point out: Why would you need VZ Navigator when the handset comes with Google Maps Navigation, and when you visit VZ Navigator official website you can search through the smartphones to see what one is compatible and the HTC Thunderbolt is not showing there yet the app is available.

You can visit the Android Market now and get the VZ Navigator app, prices start at $2.99 a day, $4.99 a week or $9.99 a month. Personally we would use Google Maps, as it is free, good luck trying to get the app for the smartphone it is not out yet for purchase.

The HTC Thunderbolt should be released between March 4th and 10, we will keep you posted.

Source — Android Central

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