HTC Thunderbolt: Verizon Confirms Its Coming, March 10 Likely

For those waiting on the HTC Thunderbolt have been sitting patiently for quite a while now and it is somewhat confusing as to when the LTE smartphone will finally release, well many reports online suggest Verizon confirms its coming, but we knew that already so what is new?

Let’s say Verizon has confirmed its release, what date is it hitting the stores? Well we know for sure that no date has been set other than it is coming soon thanks to a Facebook messages via VZ. If you head on over to Pop Herald they report news covering the Thunderbolt’s March release just like we have but it is still not officially confirmed to an exact date, which is slightly annoying for waiting customers.

So What Do We Know? Well, we know for sure it is coming and if we wanted to hazard a guess we say March 10 release date is likely. The Facebook messages and Verizon’s Website confirms that the HTC Thunderbolt exists but it does NOT confirm a solid release date does it?

If you visit Pop Herald and other websites such as ZDnet and InfoSyncWorld they report that Fran Shammo, Verizon’s chief financial officer via ZDnet mentioning the Thunderbolt is “coming very shortly” and Shammo’s statement about the smartphone, and the 4G/LTE network also added weight to the March release date.

Shammo also took a lot of time chatting about LTE pricing. Today, Verizon Wireless offers a 5GB a month plan for $50 and 10GB for $80. LTE will drive average revenue per unit (ARPU) accretion, said Shammo.

Please do visit our HTC Thunderbolt Discussions page and have your say, it may not be the real HTC Thunderbolt but you can check out the hands-on review of a dummy case and would love to know if you believe the delay for release is all down to the handset’s battery life.

Keep check back here and of course the dedicated Verizon Wireless Thunderbolt Webpage here and the HTC page here.

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