Samsung Galaxy S 4G, iPhone 4 Comparison Battle Videos

Yes folks, the smartphone that every other smartphone eventually gets compared to, the iPhone 4 has now been compared with the latest 4G enabled handset to hit T-Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G in a two-part video comparison.

Naturally we have that two-part video footage of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G doing battle with the iconic iPhone 4 for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Aaron Baker over at Phone Dog and combined delivers just over 28 minutes of face-to-face comparison.

Both the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S 4G command the same price tag along with 5 megapixel camera, visually similar user interfaces, although the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is more of an evolutionary update to the Samsung Vibrant it does sport one standout thing over the iPhone 4 and that is it plays nice on a “4G” network.

As always when a smartphone goes up against the iPhone, the iOS faithful will always come down on the side of Apple’s only handset, and on the other hand the Android faithful will defend an Android handset, so it’s good to se an unbiased comparison between the two rival devices.

Having said that, in a comparison battle there can be only one winner, so which device will come out on top? To find out set aside a little time, punch those play buttons and check out the comparison footage below…enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S 4G, iPhone 4 Comparison Battle Videos”

  1. ray says:

    dude i had the iphone and now i have the galaxy S 4g and i think the Galaxy S 4g sh*ts on the iphone! i agree you are an apple fanboy! big time fanboy

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