iOS and Android May Gain BlackBerry Messenger

Now previously the BlackBerry platform hasn’t shared any tech with other platforms as far as I’m aware, and recently the rumours have been the RIM is looking to put Android apps on not only their BlackBerry PlayBook but on their smartphones as well.

Well it appears that this works both ways as according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report they have heard from “multiple sources” of the unnamed variety of course, so still in the realms of rumour, that Research In Motion wants to deliver their BlackBerry Messenger app and service to the Android platform.

But is doesn’t stop there as according to the BGR report RIM also wants BlackBerry Messenger on iOS devices as well at some point in the future.

Apparently no deals for the use of BlackBerry Messenger have been finalised but the word is that RIM is considering making the software free to anyone that wants it, although there is a chance RIM may also require a one off fee or a recurring fee to access their service on 3rd-party platforms.

The word is though that the BlackBerry Messenger offerings for iOS and Android could be stripped down version enabling users to contact anyone with a smartphone that uses BlackBerry Messenger, but may not be able to share video, location and images.

So what do our iOS and Android users think about this idea, would you use BlackBerry Messenger on your smartphone if this were to become a reality?

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