Apple iPad 2 According to Conan O’Brien: Video

Apple went at it big guns at the unveiling of the next generation iOS tablet, but believe it or not there are some that aren’t bothered about the Apple iPad 2 and what the original Apple iPad did for the world as seen through Apple’s eyes in their video found (here).

According to an article over on Intomobile, by way of Tech Crunch, asks, what does one of “America’s brightest comedians/entertainers” think of the Apple iPad 2? Well they posed a video of Conan O’Brien saying that Apple is a bit cocky, and we have that video for your viewing pleasure below.

The video is a funny take on Apple’s announcement of the Apple iPad 2 as Apple always seems to go over the top at such announcement, and comes via Teamcoco, and here I have to warn that there is just a little bit of bad language at the end, but it is bleeped out.

But if you really want a lighter look at the Apple iPad 2 announcement, and have a good laugh, I suggest you jump on down and hit that play button…Got to love these mickey take videos…enjoy

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