iTunes Unlimited Music Downloads A Possibility

Most iTunes users know that if they happen to lose an app they have downloaded from the App Store they can re-download the lost app because the App Store recognises you had previously purchased said mobile app, but iTunes doesn’t afford the same when it comes to music downloads.

However that may soon change as according to an article over on Ubergizmo and by way of TUAW, and Apple Insider, Bloomberg is reporting that according to the ever quoted “people familiar with the matter,” iPhone maker Apple is chatting with music firms with a view to delivering unlimited music downloads to iTunes.

Apparently Apple is talking to the likes of Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, EMI group, and Sony Music Entertainment in the hopes of changing download policy to deliver better flexibility to the customer.

Basically this will bring iTunes music in line with App Store apps where you can pay for it once and then download as many times as you like. Nothing concrete yet though but the word is Apple is looking to reach some kind of agreement by the middle of the year.


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