Apple iPad 2 Gets Spoofed: Video

With something as big as the Apple iPad 2 obviously there are those who are going to have a laugh at Apple and their tech gear’s expense, we posted a humorous video to do with the Apple iPad 2 announcement earlier which can be seen (here) and now we have another.

This time the video is called Banned iPad 2 Promo and comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Pocket-lint, 9to5 Mac and by way of YouTube user ooJLEoo, and delivers juts over three minutes of having a pop at Apple’s latest iOS tablet.

Although not as funny as the video I posted earlier, this one does have its humorous merits, and well anything that takes a less serious look at Apple and there gear is find by me as most take Apple and their products way too seriously.

Again as with most spoof videos like this I do have to warn that there is some bad language, but it has been bleeped out and well it is only for a laugh, so head on down, hit that play button, all’s fair in love and tech gadget spoofing as they say…enjoy.


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