HTC Thunderbolt Release March 10, No Solid Evidence

What are we to believe? Again more rumours and speculations have surfaced surrounding the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt, which has suffered from a number of delays to its launch.

Latest news on the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt by the guys at Wireless Goodness is that the phone will be launched on March 10th. However, again this is just a rumour and therefore, is not set in concrete.

Apparently, Gotta Be Mobile is reporting that the source of the rumour is a Best Buy employee, so I guess we can read into that what we want. Perhaps not the most reliable source of information.

Will the HTC Thunderbolt ever be released? let’s hope that the rumours are true and that we soon see the phone advertised for sale, as there is already a commercial advertising the phone for our viewing pleasure – click link for more information – and accessories like the body glove case, available for purchase now. All this just adds to the anticipation surrounding the phone.

We reported earlier that it does not seem to be just HTC’s Thunderbolt that is suffering from delays, as it now looks like another of their smartphones the HTC Trophy has fallen into the same category, both phones destined for Verizon. See my colleague James’ full article here.

We will keep you updated, if there are any further developments regarding the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt.

If you wish to add your comments or views on the issues surrounding the delay of the HTC Thunderbolt being launched, please enter them below.


8 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Release March 10, No Solid Evidence”

  1. Dr. William Owings says:

    Verizon needs to release the Thunderbolt very soon or it risks losing potential customers to the iphone 5 release by AT&T. Lots of AT&T folks I know felt it would be OK to purchase the Thunderbolt and switch to Verizon, but if the release date keeps being pushed back, I hear talk that they will wait for the iphone 5 release date in the summer.

  2. seeteedub says:

    First! God I hate people who do that.

    Anyway…I think Verizon should be a little bit more forthcoming about the problems with the Thunderbolt. If it's battery life, Skype issues, whatever…just tell the consumers. It"ll still be snatched up in droves…but the longer you remain mum on the subject…the quicker people are bound to just get bored and move on.

  3. Jason says:

    march 4th. so far, i've seen 5 commercials by HTC for the Thunderbolt while watching G4. i'm not due for an upgrade until april…i just want the phone to come out so people buy it, wipe out what stock of phones they have, and by the time i'm ready, there will be a fresh supply.

  4. John says:

    People need to realize there have been no release days missed. They never came out and said "Hey we think we will release the phone on blah blah blah" It has been rumors, that is all. You can't take a rumor seriously. There are indications that it was going to be soon (pre sales, marketing, ect…) but there was never an actual release date.

  5. Christyy says:

    I like many other put my pre-order in the first week of February and have been waiting for the Thunderbolt to release ever since the first annouced date of February 14th. Finally this morning I got a call from a Rep stating that the phone will finally arrive on Thursday March 17th. Just wanted to share the news with everyone out there that is so anxious to atleast hear some kind of news. Hope this helps.

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