India iPad Price Cuts, Maybe iPad 2 Coming

Could the Apple iPad 2 be on it’s way to India very soon? Well it is quite possible, apparently there has been a recent announcement by Apple that they are cutting prices on their original iPad models in India.

The new prices in India for the Apple iPad with WiFi are said to be Rs.24,500 for the 16GB model, Rs 29,500 for the 32GB model and Rs. 41,900 for the 64GB model.

In India the new price cuts equate to approximately Rs. 3,400 off the previous price.

Now according to the guys at techtree.com when the iPad 2 was launched on 2 March 2011, the price of the original iPad models were slashed in the United States by $100 (Rs. 4,500), the price in America now starts at $399 (Rs. 18,000 approx.).

Considering that the iPad has only recently been introduced to India (release date 28 January 2011) it seems quite strange that Apple are already cutting their prices and thus, leading to speculation surrounding the possible introduction of the iPad 2 to India’s shores.

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