Testicular Cancer Checker iOS App: Self-Examination Reminder

Many men suffer with Testicular Cancer and all should do regular checks but in most cases men do not do such checks and when they do they are not on a regular basis and this is where the ‘Testicular Cancer Checker’ iOS app comes into play.

This app is a great way of reminding you to do regular checks to examine yourself on a regular basis, this app via by PSJ Investments Limited is free via iTunes and we do recommend you downloading.

This app will also give you guidance on how to examine yourself properly and if you do arrive on a problem you can learn how to catch it early, self-examination is very important indeed and to have an app like this to help you is a must. All men do forget to do checks, and some of us never check at all and that is not good.

Testicular cancer represents only one per cent of all cancers in men, but it is the single biggest cause of cancer-related deaths in men aged 15-35 years. This app allows you to configure the alert and also lets you select the convenient days and times to receive your reminder alert and then forget about it. It will take it from there.

Main App Features Includes: Easy to use, Helps you safeguard your health by never letting you forget self-examinations, Discreet and convenient on your iPhone, Full self-examination instruction included and you get to choose when your reminder alerts will arrive.

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