Apple iPhone 64GB Hands-On Video: Foxconn Leak

Hopefully no one gets into trouble for the new Apple iPhone 4 64GB Foxconn leak, yesterday we reported that the new 64GB smartphone could be coming our way soon and today a new prototype has been handled on video.

It is MIC Gadget who got their hands on the new Apple iPhone 64GB prototype and things to notice within the video is that the camera does not have the normal silver ring around the edge.

You can see the video below this article where the handler takes the prototype iPhone 4 apart, according to 9to5Mac the person who obtained this new model from Foxconn said, “According to the owner, he believes that the next iPhone will bring 64GB storage capacity to users.”

If you visit MacRumors they say that the serial number shows that this new prototype was made in 2010, apparently that means the prototype is old and pre-dated the launch of the iPhone 4.

Anyway, please watch the video below then leave your comments as to what you think and if we hear anymore about the 64GB iPhone 4 we will let you know. Stay updated and join us on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. If the leak is authentic and if indeed a 64GB iPhone is on its way to the market, it gives us more reasons to believe that Apple will continue to rule this industry of smart phone.

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