iOS 4.3 Problems: Downloading, Installing, Home Sharing

As you all know the new iOS 4.3 update was released last night and we gave you a few details covering its new features and enhancements, so we thought we would ask you if you are having any problems at all.

The main features that stand out include Home Sharing, Personal Hotspot Functionality, new AirPlay features, and much more. You can see all the main features on our previous article.

We went to iTunes and started the iOS 4.3 download / install onto our Apple iPhone and iPad and had no problems at all, we even mentioned that the Home Sharing feature got reviewed that we think you may like.

The update went smoothly and was very fast indeed, to install on both Apple devices took less that 8 minutes. We have yet to play with the iPhone and iPad and check out the new update features and when we do we will let you know what our impressions are.

In the meantime please do post all your comments below if you have experienced any iOS 4.3 update problems being it the download, install, home sharing, etc. Thanks


52 thoughts on “iOS 4.3 Problems: Downloading, Installing, Home Sharing”

  1. Ian Keegan says:

    Its an ongoing problem but I haven't been able to find the Home Sharing icon in either my iTunes or my updated iPhone 4.

    I've spent an hour online last night trying to fix the problem via Firewall/Sharing/Network settings but CANNOT seem to get it working.

    1. Armand Welsh says:

      home sharing requires Bonjour. Make sure you aren't blocking that in your personal firewall settings of your computer. It also uses (I believe) UPnP for the Media Streaming, much like AirPlay would. I could be wrong, but I think I have to make sure both of these protocols were able to pass through my computers' personal firewalls.

    1. markswayuk says:

      Hi Chaddy

      1) Click the settings icon on your iPhone 4

      2) Then click on iPod

      3) You will see Home Sharing there

      You will need an Apple iD to use Home Sharing.

      Make sure Home Sharing is switched on in iTunes..

      Hope this helped you

    2. N. Froelich says:

      You first have to go into "Settings" then "iPod". You configure the home share account/password. After that, you can access it thru the "iPod" icon.

  2. N. Froelich says:

    I have an iPhone 3Gs. I got home sharing configured and was able to browse my library. I tried to play one of my movies over home share and noticed that the movie plays without sound. The movie plays fine on my Apple-TV and when I down load the movie to my iPhone, it plays fine. Not all of my movies do this. I'm still investigating what types of movies have the problems (seems to be ones I converted…) Does anyone else see this problem?

    1. N. Froelich says:

      Correction… It looks like certain movie formats that worked fine in 4.2 don't work in 4.3. My down-loaded movie doesn't work anymore….

  3. Armand Welsh says:

    I experienced several, what I believe to be, one-off issues. The download of the iOS didn't work because my DD-WRT firmware (opensource router software for my linksys) kept returning a Fin packet (permaturely) to all my file request packets after about 8 minutes of downloading. After reverting to the factory firmware, I was able to download the iOS 4.3 firmware without any issue.

    The updated went smooth, until the reboot. The most recent iTunes attempted to recover my phone before the phone was ready, which caused some weird sync issues.

    Once the phone was up and running, my iTunes collection was unavailable — reported I had to sync first
    Syncing did not work — reported that something was wrong; I don't remember what.
    Some apps did not work — they just shut down (system logs showed they were core dumping)

    So, I proceeded to perform a factory reset, followed by a manual restore from a slightly older backup file (about 2 weeks old), and now everything is perfect.

    1. markswayuk says:

      Hi Hazza

      1) Click the settings icon on your iPhone 4

      2) Then click on iPod

      3) You will see Home Sharing there

      You will need an Apple iD to use Home Sharing.

      Make sure Home Sharing is switched on in iTunes..

      Hope this helped you

      1. Duncan says:

        I have the same problem as Hazza. I went to settings/ipod and put my Apple iD details in.. and I made double sure it's turned on in iTunes and the details are the same… Still no "shared" button in the iphone app??

  4. David says:

    I'm having a problen with it in that is downloads about 15 mins then at the end says network error and i have to download again. I have tried it over two differant broadband connections and with both an Iphone 3GS and Iphone 4 with the same result 'err – 3259

  5. ZBM says:

    i have the same issue since last nite – apple pls provide an alternative method my iphone wont update due to this stupid download not downloading completely before bombing out fairly close to 670mb total!

    1. Jayne says:

      Have had same, keeps saying network timed out having downloaded the file. tells me to check the network connections!! How? I'm not a tech person. Able to use laptop at same time. why doesn't this work Apple? Have tried 10+ times – each time I sync.

  6. mads says:

    have been trying to download this upgrade ALL DAY!!! it will download then at the end (after anything from 9 – 30 mins) will say its timed out unable to download….. HELP!!!!! how do i download this new update!!!! seriously i cant believe how difficult this has been…

  7. Sam says:

    If anybody has the Splice App check to see if you can preview any movies you edited because I can't preview my videos any more. The app just crashes and after opening it again it tells me to send an error report via email.

    1. Anto C says:

      My Splice App has vanished completely and it's not available on the app store either!! Must be a serious bug with ios4.3 and splice. Or Apple don't want the competition for their newly updated iMovie app!

  8. David says:

    I was able to download all software just fine, setup iTunes, Firewall is not blocking anything. Configure iPhone4 but yet when I got to my Ipod and select More, there is no Shared in their for me to pick. Not sure if the problem is iPhone or iTunes?

  9. movieman1948 says:

    Par for the course, what did u expect ? I always wait till all the bugs have be fixed and things have calmed down then, I will download the new update. It's the same every time !

  10. jacklangstone says:

    ios 4.3 problems

    when i double click the home button when my ipod touch 4g is unlocked you get the usual multitasking but when you swipe across to the music options the pause/play and the directional aroows dont do anything.

    when my ipod is locked and i double click the home button before i updated to ios 4.3 i could see the option to change the volume and start/stop the track and change it but it now longer appears.

    thanks jack

  11. Terry says:

    have been trying to download this upgrade four times !!! it will download then at the end (after anything from 9 – 30 mins) will say its timed out unable to download….. HELP!!!!! I don't see any problem in my internet network, pls help.

  12. guest says:

    Terrible time with this update. It's failed about 12 times now and my phone says 'No Service' no matter what I do. My itunes page is seriously messed up with update and restore overlapping text. This happened once before long ago but my phone still had service. This is beyond annoying.

  13. David Rimmer says:

    I've just installed it. Its crashed my iphone 3gs and i have to restore it..ossibly losing all the pictures of my 18 months old son! JOKE!

  14. james says:

    having problems just downloading the IOS 4.3 for iphone 4 it keeps saying the network timed out and to check my setting and connection, dispite my setting are fine and connection is excellent it just won't download, i even tested it by downloading a free app just to make sure, plus i did update itunes before downloading 4.3, could that be the problem???

  15. dave says:

    i have a 4th gen ipod touch and im trying to update it to iOS 4.3 but when i go onto itunes it keeps timing out i dont know what to do can anyone help me please?

  16. ClaretBobby says:

    it says i must sync with my pc before using ipod. I assume i've lost all the songs I had on my phone then?

    Also get a message in itunes that it couldn't connect to iphone because of unknown error, even when the phone isn't plugged in.

    AND, it no longer connects via usb, won't even charge my phone.

    Other than that, loving the new update.

  17. Alex says:

    I had a similar issue with the the download of iOS 4.3 at home over my broadband connection. Once I downloaded over my corporate network in the office all fine…..stll doesn't help most users, but just a heads up!

  18. sudeep says:

    i cant download this version i have tried more then 20 times but its jst saying network timed out check network settings…..how do i download this….anyone plz help

  19. pasha says:

    i've been trying to download the IOS 4.3 since yesterday but i have to major problems. first; it takes almost 90min to get to the end of the download. Second; the even bigger problem is that it gives me the and fail essage at the end saying. " there was a problem downloading the sftware for the iphone. the network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active. or try again.

    can someone tell me what to do!

    1. Garry says:

      Friend, That POS 4.3 locked up my phone. I cannot use it and I am told by Sprint that Samsung “would replace it , if the phone was less than a year old” , I do not see why I need to buy a phone when my phone was not broken. Beware…..BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!

  20. contessa says:

    i have the ipod touch 4th gen and ive been downloading for 2 days!!!! its crazy…i get the same error message over and over. And if ever it finishes the download, it cannot sync. Has there been a solution now? I cant believe its this hard to upgrade.

  21. chew siew theng says:

    My phone is hang when the phone is trying to reboot, after i had download the iOS 4.3. For your information, the PC is being switch off once (as cut off of power supply) when the phone is rebooting. Anyone can help? can email me at stchew@hotmail.com

  22. don says:

    I tried installing iOS 4.3 on my wife's Ipad. That was the problem, I should never have started it. It said it was going to take 30 minutes. Fine. When it was almost done, it said some kind of error on the screen. It now says the Ipad is in recovery mode. Nothing works on it. Can't do anything with it. In order to use it with itunes, it says it must be restored. My wife has bought some books with it and it hasn't been backed up. So, if it gets restored, books go bye-bye. I need to revert back to old version or something so that i can back everything up. It is completely useless now as it is.

    1. Garry says:

      I tried t odownload that POS 4.3 and nor my Galaxy 3 will not power up.Sprint says that it a Samsung issue and that I need a new phone …that I have to buy!!!! Does anyone know if Samsung is will to do anything to handle this type of situation?

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