iPhone 4 Of A Different Colour Unboxed On Video

Well actually there are three iPhone 4 handsets in this unboxing footage, one red iPhone 4, one white iPhone 4 and one blue iPhone 4…very patriotic indeed, and makes a welcome change from seeing a black smartphone being unboxed.

This patriotic unboxing of the red white and blue iOS smartphones comes our way courtesy of Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo, who was sent the iconic handsets by iFixdirect who can fit up your iPhone 4 with a red white or blue conversion.

According to Jon, the conversion of the iPhone 4 to a different colour will set you back roughly 275 bucks, and says that the conversion is not accomplished using official Apple parts and thus will void the owners warranty.

Apple obviously doesn’t offer coloured versions of the iPhone 4 although the latest rumour is that you may be able to pick up a white iPhone 4 sometime in April.

So I’ll leave it there so you can check out this iPhone 4 of a different colour unboxing video, and ask the question, would you purchase a coloured iPhone if Apple were to offer them…enjoy.

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