HTC Thunderbolt Crazy Statistics for Release Date: The Reason

We are going to push against the boundaries and give you our HTC Thunderbolt crazy statistics for release date, wonder if our reason is true?

Let’s think out of the box today and talk about the thunderbolt, we all know that a thunderbolt is a discharge of lightning with thunder, flash and bang is what we call it. Now you are wondering where we are going with this and we would like to know if Verizon is actually using history and science to determine when the new smartphone will release or indeed they are having problems.

Now we will step back in history and look at some numbers, Benjamin Franklin was on Earth between 1706 – 1790 and knowing that a thunderbolt is a discharge of lightning Mr. Franklin tested the theory that sparks had similar polarities with lightning and the test he done was using a spire that was erected in United States.

So the numbers 1706 and 1790 is what we have so far, one thunderstorm happened in 1752 and some more tests occurred, which we will not go into, our theory is about numbers. Franklin wrote his autobiography written 1771—1788, first published 1790.

So far the numbers are 1706, 1771, 1788 and 1790, now moving onto more numbers an average bolt of lightning can carry 30,000 amperes (“amps”) – 30 “kiloamps” (kA) of electric current.

This is just a quick numbers statistic game, so far we have 1706, 1771, 1788 and 1790, 30,000 amperes, and 30 kiloamps. Are we looking into things a little too deep to come up with the number 17 and 3, 17 March?

If we look at these numbers and keep the crazy head on could the HTC THUNDERBOLT release date be March 17th? Just a thought and hopefully our above madness comes to light and this is the official release.

The numbers above are via Wikipedia, the crazy mind is from phonesreview.co.uk


19 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Crazy Statistics for Release Date: The Reason”

  1. GLOCKMAMA says:

    I don't care what logic, theory, or mathematical equation we have to use. Just give us the thing already. I'm down with this numbers game y'all have goin if Verizon will give it to us on that day.

  2. another anon says:

    what I do know is Verizon has done an excellent job of keeping themselves in the forefront of everyone's thoughts by leaking information, and limiting "official" communication. They've probably learned a few things from "secretive" Apple, who are excellent marketeers in this arena. As much as people complain about this delays of this phone, they WILL still buy, and meanwhile, they are following EVERY release Verizon is having for the past 3 months!

  3. gmw says:

    I needed a new phone, my contract was up and I was waiting since January for the Thunderbolt to be released. Couldn't wait any longer, got nervous about 4G due to the "delayed" launch, and just went ahead and bought an iphone 4g. So if this phone HAS been delayed, I'm sure many others like me have in the mean time moved on to other phones.

  4. Michelle says:

    If it does not come out soon, Im switching to AT&T for when the new iphone 5 will be out, becuase it seems it will be out before this phone. I've been waiting for this phone to come out for two months now and my contract is up… so It has two more weeks then im off verizon

    1. Heather Frazier says:

      I talked to a Verizon guy today and the Thunderbolt IS coming out in March and Verizon ONLY releases phones on a Thursday so the phone will be out this month.

  5. 23yroldwhogetsit says:

    For the people who are saying this was a stupid post and garbage….. It's called humor or to be more specific, satire. But I know a vast majority of the population have trouble divining sarcasm…don't worry it's not your faults.

    Theres a lot of people waiting for this phone and honestly I'm getting a little tired of the "speculation" articles. This actually gave me a nice laugh in the face of verizon(even though I'm one of their "loyal customers") and helped relieve a little frustration.

    Don't be so serious people…… have fun….laugh about the absurdity of the situation a little.

    1. joshuaren says:

      The thing is, this post fails to humor me in any respect. I agree that this is garbage and in fact it has ticked me off to the point where I feel the need to comment about it. Websites like this are not the place for this kind of humor, and to waste an entire article on something so stupid…. advertisers don't like things like that.

  6. Bill says:

    Someone needs to check what the story writer is smoking. It is absurd to waste peoples time who sincerely want answers with that sort of _rap.

  7. BurnabyJoeFan says:

    If you want to get scientific about something why not start by pointing out that there is no such thing as a "Thunderbolt". There is Thunder and there is a Lightning Bolt, but what exactly is a Thunderbolt besides a bad name?

  8. Ben Dover says:

    With all that said, I omit, I was the first to preregister at my Best Buy to get the first ever 4g Big Red handset. I couldn’t wait to get it in my sweaty hands. I dreamed about that bitch for weeks, waking up with morning wood and soaked boxers. To bad I got sick of the Duo’s bullshit games. I gave up on you fucks and upgraded my original Droid to an iPhone 4. A phone that was over 6 months old. I’m a techie geek (I’m actually director of technical sales for a large company – no lie.) and I got so annoyed by your bullshit I bought an old handset running an OS that crippled it. Steve Jobs, sometimes you’re like a goddamn prison warden. Mister you need to chill the fuck out! It’s probably not obvious but I’m a Apple Fanboy, I always had a hard-on for their hardware but found their iOS lacking a lot of basic features that Android came with out-of-the-box. Seriously comparing the stock operating systems, Android ass rapes iOS – No question. Apple, why the fuck can’t I mark all email messages as read/unread? Are you fucking serious?! Why when I download an app from the app store I’m redirected back to the springboard? Intuitive? I think not! Why can’t my Facebook data sync with my contacts? Fucking lame! I bought the original Droid a couple weeks after it was released. I was a skeptic, I thought it was going to be another POS BB Storm but I was more wrong than all those fucks who voted for our president, you know Barack Osama Bin Laden. Thanks for doing nothing by the way! Piece of shit! That phone is probably part of the reason I got divorced. If I could’ve fucked it, I would have. I rooted it with Buggless Beast right away. I finally had a smart-phone. It was intuitive. Did I mention BB you suck dirty homeless dick and should die?

    I’m not going to lie, the first week I hated my new old handset iPhone 4, I was jealous that I gave my ex my Droid. I was dreaming about killing her to get it back. Or maybe that was just an excuse because the Bitch annoyed me. Bitch clean up after yourself and quit talking like a baby to my dog. Anyways, I jailbroke my iPhone and installed tweaks like mark all as read/unread, biteSMS, SBSettings, LockInfo, No Clock, No Wiggle, OpenNotifier, App Store StayOpened, Activator, Adblocker and others. I can say I like the iPhone 4 more than my Droid. I’m determined to find a way to fuck it, Shit, do they have an app for that? I’ll miss some Android features like Voice Command, Navigation (I can’t believe how bad navigation sucks on the iPhone), ability to attach files to text messages. You know the basic functions a smart-phone should have. I’ll forgive you Steve for your OCD and control issues, you do do some things right, that’s impossible to deny. It’s nice to have a phone that syncs with my MacBook Pro, the Retina display is gorgeous, plays nice with social media, applications are polished (Don’t start whining Android users App quality isn’t close to Apples), and accessories options are outstanding. BB you suck! After owning a rooted Droid I never thought I’d own an iPhone. But with the help of the Big Red and HTC I am now foundling a Jailbroke iPhone 4 and may never finger fuck a Droid again. If Apple fixes their shitty navigation and adds Voice Commands that can compete with Google, I’ll cut off both of my testicles in celebration and chew on them like bubble gum. And post that shit to Youtube.

    I wonder, is it possible HTC is getting skull fucked too? Or is HTC and Verizon stuck in a sxty-nine sucking each other off? I bet Big Red will squeeze one off prematurely and leave HTC with blue balls. Come on, Verizon isn’t called Big Red for nothing. They’re like an adolescent boy, a walking hard-on and fucking everyone and anyone to get what they want. I wonder how many bullshit deals are written on titty bar match packs and expensed on their corporate AmEx Black Cards. We’ll never know. I just wish the Duo would stop giving each other tug jobs and release the Thunderbolt. I’m ready for this storm to pass.

    While writing this I received a email from Best Buy for my Thunderbolt reservation. La-de-fucking-da! You’re a little late bitches.

    HTC why don’t you send me the Thunderbolt so I can test it and see what it’s made of?

  9. Mark says:

    No offense to the person that wrote this little post, but your English writing skills are terrible! And I agree, with previous posters, this was a pretty dumb post.

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