HTC Thunderbolt Gains Verizon Conditional Approval: Another Month Maybe

Ah what appears to be a never-ending release date for the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon continues to evade the public, but apparently that long-awaited event is drawing even closer with the latest bit of news on the HTC Thunderbolt.

My Phones Review colleague Mark earlier posted about HTC making an announcement that the HTC Thunderbolt was coming soon via their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and now an article over on Engadget Mobile reports that one of their “trusted sources” says Verizon has now give the Android 2.2 Froyo device their “conditional approval.”

So just what does that “condition approval” mean, according to the guys, theoretically it could mean that the HTC Thunderbolt is immanent although the release apparently depends on Verizon and HTC reaching an agreement on fixes and changes requests on the 1st and 2nd firmware maintenance releases.

Apparently the guys have been informed that this process takes from 2 to 4 weeks, which if true could mean another month may pass before the HTC Thunderbolt is released, on the other hand it could also mean that the Thunderbolt could see release within 2 weeks.

So there it is for what it’s worth, but the big question is will potential HTC Thunderbolt customers continue to wait a further month if it takes that long?


5 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Gains Verizon Conditional Approval: Another Month Maybe”

  1. DanPhil says:

    At thi point I am going to wait for the BIONIC. I would have gone with the Thunderbolt, but 4 more weeks??? Come on… The Bionic will be a better phone anyway from everything I have read.

  2. Doug Snably says:

    i'm sick of this crap,if this stalling isn't simply a media build up,then it may well it big problems with the phone that they have been unable to fix.Is this first edition a lemon???

  3. Bill says:

    Verizon has released the iPhone 4, the Moto ZOOM and the iPad 2 in the first quarter which make its first quarter sales and profits good. They will need something to make their second quarter look good to investors rather than also selling the Thunderblunder in the 1st quarter also. Look for the Thunderblunder to be released in April to help the balance sheet for Verizon look good. That coupled with they need to move as much 3G products out of their inventory before the 4G products makes April look more appropriate.

  4. C Trombley says:

    I for one am sick of Verizon Wireless dinosaur mentality. Yes let them be last in all the cutting edge tech phones. I for one am extremely unhappy as a customer since 1996. Their phones suck, their customer service is awful and their plans are expensive. And look who gets the phones that matter first, ATT Sprint T Mobile. I had (4) Motorola Incredibles that were so problematic that I had to get another phone because of ghost dialing. I currently have had (3) Casio GZone Bridgade. My latest requires a 6 second delay before it changes to my message screen so I can text message. Now another delayed launch of HTC Thunderbolt! IMOP they are having trouble reaching their iphone sales commitment to Apple. I am ready to switch carriers from Verizon I am done with them!

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