Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Review Video

You are no doubt aware that when Apple introduced the Apple iPad 2 they also introduced the new iOS tablet screen protector, the Smart Cover, and we have a quick video review of that Smart Cover for your viewing appraisal below.

The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover review video comes our way courtesy of Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo and delivers a five minutes overview of the new magnetic iPad cover.

The Smart Cover for the Apple iPad 2 utilises magnets to keep the cover in place, and will apparently wake your tablet from sleep when it is removed and return the device to sleep when it is recovered, and with the cover’s micro-fibre lining it ensures the display stays clean.

The Smart Cover also doubles as a prop up for the iOS tablet by folding it back on itself to form a triangle, although the Smart Cover doesn’t protect the back surface of the tablet.

So I’ll leave it there and let you make the jump to hit that play button and check out this Smart Cover review video, and if you happen o be already using a Smart Cover on your device feel free to let us know if it works just fine or you have found any problems with the device…enjoy.


18 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Review Video”

  1. I have a couple of questions. (Thanks for asking!)
    Remember the scratch tests that people would do with the screen of the first iPhones? Now the the back of the iPad is exposed with Apple's stock case – er, cover – I'm curious how scratchable the back of the iPad is. I'm sure that when I upgrade, I'll be investing in some kind of protective film like Zagg makes.
    My other question – this cover looks lighter than the original iPads case. Can you measure the weights of a cased iPad and a covered iPad 2?
    Also, how does it feel to use the iPad holding it with your left hand with the cover open? Does it flap around?


  2. Chloe says:

    omg i live in the UK and it comes out in 14 days and after watching the unveiling and then this i can honestley say I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jen says:

    Good review. Sorry, I did not comment on the cover. I do not think that it will be sturdy enough if it gets bumped. Will not be buying one. I am more concerned with the possible ipad 2 problems and wondered if you noticed any.

  4. sguelich says:

    $39 is "still astronomical"? Have you seen the prices Amazon charges for their Kindle covers? 🙂

    Still, am going to return my cover. When I prop the iPad upright it balances like a house of cards and the slightest brush causes it to collapse. Interesting to see that yours is stabler…

  5. pcow says:


    The new iPad already has a jailbreak available, that Apple is actually ok with. They just published a new mirror site so everyone can easily get into the automated service:

    Now you can basically do everything and anything with it. It's the best product on the market.

  6. Navz says:

    I got a green cover yesterday and am loving it!!! Looks funky and does its job!! But am a bit concerned as to should I be worried abt leaving the back bare !

  7. stan says:

    HI John
    do you have to take the cover off to hold the ipad, or can it fold back all the way? Also, did you find the ipad slippery to hold when the cover is off?

  8. Robyn says:

    What if you just want it open and flat–like if you're reading an e-book or whatever. Can you flip the cover around to the back, like a magazine cover?

  9. Volk says:

    This not a review. This is an overview. A review is stuff like, is it durable? Which material is more durable? Does the ink come off on your hands? What's the expected 'life' of the product? Is it worth the money? Etc.

    Everything in this 'review' was demoed by Steve Jobs.

  10. Joe says:

    How do you call this a review? Your unpacking alone shows that you, John are not informed about what you describe.
    You ever read the instructions for unpacking the Smartcover (by the way, it's illustraded) – it's so easy and easy. But just ripping here and pulling there isn't Apple-Style.
    And what is the deal about 2 magnets "here". There are 6 of them in "there", alone … read here: http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPad-2-Smart-Cover
    Maybe every self-called "editor" should do proper research before giving word to the audience …
    Steve Jobs is right – what the world needs is proper edited content (by pros)!

  11. It's interesting to note that with the Smart cover in place the New iPad 2 fits nicely into the old Apple iPad cover.
    You can also flip it over to the back and still use the iPad 2 in the old cover. Problem is that the port holes don't line up. But if you want to add some protection and you have an old cover you can make it work until you get another one.

  12. KronenbergMaria says:

    Hmmmm. Well written But the word in this article, "Protects" is over rated. Protection is limited to cosmetic scuffs. But not drops. Not sure that the cover is any better, much less smarter. I ordered the cover, and to be quite candid; I am not impressed. It does not offer much in protection. I was skeptical about the cover to begin with. Nevertheless, if your looking to protect your investment with a simple cover, we run the risk of inflicting some damage from a simple accident. I had to reassess my needs after a near fatal drop with the speck cover. I ordered a few days ago a leather Mivizu iPad 2 case called the Sense, and I also ordered an Otterbox hardshell. Best, the Mivizu folio is affordable priced at $26.99 http://www.amazon.com/Mivizu-Sense-Leather-Featur
    Anyways, for real protection look elsewhere.

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