HTC Thunderbolt Release 17th March Confirms Tweet: Quickly Removed

The continued speculation on the release date for the much delayed HTC Thunderbolt continues to roll on even when it is becoming quite tiresome, and although there still isn’t a confirmed release date for the Android 2.2 Froyo device more word on that release date has hit the net.

This time the HTC Thunderbolt release date was apparently confirmed by a tweet from an HTC regional sales manager according to an article over on Android Does and by way of the guys at Droid-life. So what did this HTC rep tweet?

Here’s what Imran Shahid tweeted“Are you ready to call down the HTC ThunderBolt? The first 4GLTE Smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network is launching on March 17th! Yes!!”

So there it is from someone you’d think would be privy to the HTC Thunderbolt release date; however apparently the tweet was rapidly removed, so whether we will see the release of the HTC Thunderbolt come the 17th, which by the way is next Thursday remains to be seen.

Just a bit more fuel on that ever burning Thunderbolt release fire, but do you think an HTC regional sales manager would know for definite when the smartphone would be released and confirm that date via Twitter?


13 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Release 17th March Confirms Tweet: Quickly Removed”

  1. TBnot4u says:

    The tb is being released on the 17th and Santa Clause is coming to town on the same day. WTF. No way that is going to happen. Verizon has dropped the ball on the tb release and has taken the wind out of its sail. HTC and Verizon could have turn the tb into a blockbuster and now it looks like it is going to be a huge bust. The threat of the thunderstorm has past. A lot of rumbling and no big thunder.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You would think that he would have access to that information, but what if its just another marketing scam to keep people interested in the device because they know how many ppl have already given up on it and how many more will probably follow suit if this phone does not get released soon. Just sayin……

  3. Bill says:

    Old news.

    Verizon will show a good 1st quarter sales numbers with the sale of the iphone 4, Moto ZOOM and iPad 2. They need someting for the second quarter, look for the release in the first 2 weeks of April. LOGIC… customers will wait, stockholders need to see good numbers. It is all about the stockholders

  4. Ben Dover says:

    EVERYONE! Wake the fuck up. It's a Verizon & HTC marketing strategy. They are playing us. It's no different then an Apple employees "accidentally" leaving a top secret iPhone 4 prototype at a bar. Come on now, If that really what happened, Steve Jobs would of had that clown permanently submerged in a dunk tank full of trained cock munching Puranas. Which is why I’m calling bullshit on this release date debacle, it reminds me of LeBitch James during game 6 Eastern Finals against the Celtics. Anyone with common sense can see there’s an alternative motive. I mean no one fucks the pooch that hard. Old print and commercial marketing just doesn't work anymore, especially in the business of technology. Either they have a solid marketing plan or I’m still in a haze from last nights bender. And all the Droidians need to stop playing with their useless D-pads for a minute and realize that they’re getting skull fucked like a Catholic choir boy before Sunday Mass, all while Ivan “The Suit” Seidenberg is relaxing in his plush office puffing on some limited edition Hobanos occasionally stopping to do a line off some hookers ass and to catch a glimpse of his custom handmade gold platted “flip” counter that sings (fill in name of your choice of song here ______, I’m to fucking stupid to know one) every time an AT&T customer flips to Big Red. And let’s be honest, people who bought an iPhone on the AT&T network basically owned a glorified iPod. Quit lying to yourselves the network sucks, which makes Verizon switching customers as easy as a retard clubbing baby seals.

    Hot trampy whores with fake tits are in luck. No not because Charlie Sheen has fuck load more time and cash to blow since he’s been shit canned. But because a few Big Red suits will be hiring playmates fulltime to count their bank after they sign their John Hancocks on the dotted line with the man with the horns. They’re monopolizing, building a mobile empire that will no doubt harm everyday mobile users like us. How? Gasoline type inflated high prices – Data plans cost more because they can do it. Dick customer service – They won’t need to be nice if they know the customer can’t go somewhere else. Lazy innovation – Why invest the money when they have no competition. Anyone who has Timewarner as their cable service provider should be able to relate. And Pam Anderson you’re to fucking old and wrinkly. And your puss probably smells like canned tuna that was left open since the original Thunderbolt release date. So need to apply.

    With all that said, I omit, I was the first to preregister at my Best Buy to get the first ever 4g Big Red handset. I couldn’t wait to get it in my sweaty hands. I dreamed about that bitch for weeks, waking up with morning wood and soaked boxers. To bad I got sick of the Duo’s bullshit games. I gave up on you fucks and upgraded my original Droid to an iPhone 4. A phone that was over 6 months old. I’m a techie geek (I’m actually director of technical sales for a large company – no lie.) and I got so annoyed by your bullshit I bought an old handset running an OS that crippled it. Steve Jobs, sometimes you’re like a goddamn prison warden. Mister you need to chill the fuck out! It’s probably not obvious but I’m a Apple Fanboy, I always had a hard-on for their hardware but found their iOS lacking a lot of basic features that Android came with out-of-the-box. Seriously comparing the stock operating systems, Android ass rapes iOS – No question. Apple, why the fuck can’t I mark all email messages as read/unread? Are you fucking serious?! Why when I download an app from the app store I’m redirected back to the springboard? Intuitive? I think not! Why can’t my Facebook data sync with my contacts? Fucking lame! I bought the original Droid a couple weeks after it was released. I was a skeptic, I thought it was going to be another POS BB Storm but I was more wrong than all those fucks who voted for our president, you know Barack Osama Bin Laden. Thanks for doing nothing by the way! Piece of shit! That phone is probably part of the reason I got divorced. If I could’ve fucked it, I would have. I rooted it with Buggless Beast right away. I finally had a smart-phone. It was intuitive. Did I mention BB you suck dirty homeless dick and should die?

  5. Ben Dover says:

    I’m not going to lie, the first week I hated my new old handset iPhone 4, I was jealous that I gave my ex my Droid. I was dreaming about killing her to get it back. Or maybe that was just an excuse because the Bitch annoyed me. Bitch clean up after yourself and quit talking like a baby to my dog. Anyways, I jailbroke my iPhone and installed tweaks like mark all as read/unread, biteSMS, SBSettings, LockInfo, No Clock, No Wiggle, OpenNotifier, App Store StayOpened, Activator, Adblocker and others. I can say I like the iPhone 4 more than my Droid. I’m determined to find a way to fuck it, Shit, do they have an app for that? I’ll miss some Android features like Voice Command, Navigation (I can’t believe how bad navigation sucks on the iPhone), ability to attach files to text messages. You know the basic functions a smart-phone should have. I’ll forgive you Steve for your OCD and control issues, you do do some things right, that’s impossible to deny. It’s nice to have a phone that syncs with my MacBook Pro, the Retina display is gorgeous, plays nice with social media, applications are polished (Don’t start whining Android users App quality isn’t close to Apples), and accessories options are outstanding. BB you suck! After owning a rooted Droid I never thought I’d own an iPhone. But with the help of the Big Red and HTC I am now foundling a Jailbroke iPhone 4 and may never finger fuck a Droid again. If Apple fixes their shitty navigation and adds Voice Commands that can compete with Google, I’ll cut off both of my testicles in celebration and chew on them like bubble gum. And post that shit to Youtube.

    I wonder, is it possible HTC is getting skull fucked too? Or is HTC and Verizon stuck in a sxty-nine sucking each other off? I bet Big Red will squeeze one off prematurely and leave HTC with blue balls. Come on, Verizon isn’t called Big Red for nothing. They’re like an adolescent boy, a walking hard-on and fucking everyone and anyone to get what they want. I wonder how many bullshit deals are written on titty bar match packs and expensed on their corporate AmEx Black Cards. We’ll never know. I just wish the Duo would stop giving each other tug jobs and release the Thunderbolt. I’m ready for this storm to pass.

    While writing this I received a email from Best Buy for my Thunderbolt reservation. La-de-fucking-da! You’re a little late bitches.

    HTC why don’t you send me the Thunderbolt so I can test it and see what it’s made of?

  6. Sifa says:

    HA!!! Won't believe it till it's officially announced. A tweet from this guy is just as credible if a verizon sales rep were to tweet it 😛

  7. Christyy says:

    I like many other put my pre-order in the first week of February and have been waiting for the Thunderbolt to release ever since the first annouced date of February 14th. Finally this morning I got a call from a Rep stating that the phone will finally arrive on Thursday March 17th. Just wanted to share the news with everyone out there that is so anxious to atleast hear some kind of news. Hope this helps.

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