Amazon To Exclusively Offer Angry Birds Rio for Android

When the multi-platform game Angry Birds launched on the Android platform the successful game was offered for free and subsequent versions and updates have also been free via hitting up the Android Market, but not with Angry Birds Rio apparently.

According to an article over on Engadget and by way of Androinca, the Amazon Blog has announced that Angry Birds Rio for Android will be offered exclusively by the Amazon Appstore.

Here’s what the Amazon Blog says…” More traffic, more customers! The Angry Birds franchise has been downloaded over 100 million times — the Android installed base is over 30 million. When we launch the Amazon Appstore, we will be teaming with Rovio to drive those customers to the store – which means more traffic to the Amazon Appstore and more customers for you.”

But what does that mean to the everyday Android user that looks forward to the latest Angry Birds on Android? Does this mean Angry Birds will no longer be free to the Android faithful, and what about the Android Market surely the game has to come to the official place for grabbing Android apps sooner or later?

Will you be getting your fix of Angry Birds for your Android device if the only way to get it is to purchase it from the Amazon Appstore, or will you simply forget about Angry Birds and move onto some other free mobile game?


2 thoughts on “Amazon To Exclusively Offer Angry Birds Rio for Android”

  1. not amused says:

    I am not thrilled to learn about amazon app store…if angry bird rio not free it will be a disgrace
    ..or have I just become to accustomed to the many free apps on the android market? Either way this is interesting an at the same time alarming…we chose android because we didn't want to be tied down with i-tunes app for the iphone. If this amazon thing still produces great free apps which google encourages then no big deal…but I have a feeling this is a ploy for amazon to entice more people to buy other stuff…not just apps. Guess we will have to wait an see…

  2. Lanhoj says:

    Amazon has timed-exclusive rights to Rovio's new "Angry Birds – Rio" and attempting to get it another way won`t allow you to play it (trust me, I tried) because it validates it through the Amazon App Store app.

    So, here`s how you do it:

    1) Download the Amazon App Store http://amzn.to/getappstore (from your device or if using your PC you will have to transfer the .apk to your device after)
    2) Install it to your Android device
    3) Run the Amazon App Store application
    4) Log in with a US account
    5) Ensure your Amazon.com "1-Click Setting" points to a US address (Log in using a PC to check)
    6) In the Amazon App Store locate "Angry Birds – Rio (99cents)"
    7) Download & install

    For today the full no-ads version is 100% free. Soon it goes to 99cents and the ad-supported version will be the only free one

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