HTC Thunderbolt March 17 Release: Best Buy Stocks

Well here we go again, the latest rumours on the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone on Verizon.

Now according to the guys at droid-life.com, customers that have pre-ordered the HTC Thunderbolt are being called and emailed by Best Buy with the 17 March being the expected release date of the phone. However, apparently they are also telling customers that they will call back later in the week, so they can set up appointments. Now this indicates that they may not be sure that the release will take place this Thursday.

Yet again more rumours and speculation over the HTC Thunderbolts’ actual release date. See my previous post dated 4 March 2011 here and my colleague James’ post earlier here, relating to this issue.

There is also more information circulating that the HTC Thunderbolts’ status at Verizon Wireless’ distribution centres has changed to ‘quantity in stock’ from ‘quantity on order’. However, still no closer to knowing the release date, as no date is attached.

Why can’t someone just step up to the plate and give us concrete information on the release date of this smartphone?

Lastly, a Verizon agent has apparently spread the word on Twitter that the 17 March is indeed the release date, again not sure how bona fide this information is, so don’t take it as gospel. See earlier post done by my colleague Mark regarding ‘Facebook & Twitter messages’, on this subject.

If you have any comments regarding this ongoing saga, please enter them below in the comments box.


10 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt March 17 Release: Best Buy Stocks”

  1. Still Waiting says:

    Just spoke to a Verizon rep at the *611 number and he told me the 17th also. I wouldn't think the sales reps would give a date unless it was official. I would think an official announcement would be coming soon.

  2. Jerry says:

    I do not understand why Verizon is so disorganized in announcing the release date of the Thunderbolt. Just tell us when the stupid date is. If it is this Thursday great I will get it then. If it is next month maybe I will wait, if it's 6 months then I will get a different phone. They are a huge organization with what should be a precision technical and marketing team that should be able to keep their customers better informed with accurate honest information. This week in week out guessing game is not cutting edge.

  3. Gene says:

    I preordered the HTC from Best Buy and never received that contact about the phone being available on the 17th of March. I did receive an email last Friday the 11th acknowledging the pre order but that was it. There was no release date and have not gotten any further information from Best Buy.

  4. Frank says:

    Ok everyone have a friend who works for verizon for best buy or HTC and tell their friends when the TB will be on the shelfs I do have a friend to he told me the TB will be on the shelf tomorrow but not on verizon or bestbuy store but at the dollar store lolol so many story so many dates

  5. Aaron says:

    From: Aaron
    Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 11:16 AM
    To: Christopher
    Subject: Question


    I hope your weekend was nice

    I am hearing rumors the HTC Thunderbolt is coming out on Thursday. Any truth to that. Also the MiFi LTE. Any dates…

    Have a great Monday…

    Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 11:22 AM
    To: Aaron
    Subject: Re: Question

    Yes, the thunderbolt is thursday! I know you need three. You will have them in your office Friday. MiFi LTE not sure on the dates but you should have those by the end of the month.
    Account Executive Verizon Wireless

  6. VerizonFail says:

    I've had a Thunderbolt reserved for weeks but I've now decided to stay with my current carrier. Verizon's lack of openness and honesty is as bad as dishonesty. (Not that anyone has ever accused Verizon of honesty.)

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