HTC Thunderbolt Release Date 3/17 Subject To Change: Update

There seems to be a great deal of emphasis being placed on the latest rumoured release date for the HTC Thunderbolt, with an email reportedly giving the much sought after date as the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day of course.

According to an email which fell into the hands of the Android Central guys the email showed an equipment update schedule along with updated device launch info that shows the HTC Thunderbolt scheduled for launch on the 17th.

However if you look closer at the email and as the guys have stated that date is “subject to change,” as shown in the image below. So although it appears the Android 2.2 Froyo touting smartphone could release on St. Patrick’s Day it could also not.

Then again, as my colleague Lawrence reported earlier, the word is Best Buy is also touting the HTC thunderbolt release date as the 17th, but on the flip side Best Buy have also touted earlier release dates for the Android device.

So the big question remains, will the HTC Thunderbolt actually come out to play on St Patrick’s Day? The answer to which is only Verizon and HTC know, and at the moment they aren’t telling. Still there is still a little time for the Big Red to make that official announcement, unless of course that 17th release date changes.

UPDATE: It is now OFFICIAL read here.


7 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Release Date 3/17 Subject To Change: Update”

  1. Noneya says:

    Went to Verizon today and the guy said that at the end of the week there’s supposed to be big new. Could it really be coming the 17th? Let’s hope…

  2. Lester Smith says:

    Well, before reading this I called my local Verizon Store and asked about the release date and was told it would be this Friday or Saturday. I told the girl: "That's the same thing you told me last time…" She says: "Well, their telling us that this is it…" So HOPEFULLY this will all be over by weeks end, because I've grown really tired of waiting – things been on preorder for a month!

  3. Bill says:

    Did anyone notice that this is a fraud? The typing is in a different type set and was added to the message above it. It is even tilted like someone poor at photoshop tried to add it in and did a poor job of it. WHy can't the editors see that and why do they promote these frauds??

  4. thunderdud says:

    I have been since Feb. I reserved it and everything. Im thinking about just getting money back tomorrow! It's just frustrating waiting on a phone that will be obsolete the next month because better phones are coming on the correct release date. And yes I have to say this, F apple for messing the release date up.

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