HTC Thunderbolt User Manual Now Available

Well if you are going to snap up the new Verizon 4G LTE smartphone the Android toting HTC Thunderbolt, no doubt you might have need of the handset’s user manual at some point, so why not brush up a little right now.

According to an article over on Android Guys, and by way of Android Central, those wishing to make use of the Android 2.2 Froyo packing HTC Thunderbolt user manual can do so right now as the manual is now available online for your reading pleasure.

No doubt many wont need a user manual for the device, but there are probably those out there that could do with a little read up before the Thunderbolt releases tomorrow, but perhaps you should set a little reading time aside as the HTC Thunderbolt user manual is a 339 page PDF.

If you wish to check out the Android HTC Thunderbolt user manual you can do so by hitting up here, however when I tried the page only partially loaded and then hung, but maybe that’s because I’m in the UK. So if you check it out feel free to let us know if all goes well.


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