iOS and Android Apps Being Developed for US Military

The humble mobile app it would seem is a much sought after thing by none other than the US military, particularly iOS and Android so that soldiers can apparently use cheaper products in the field.

According to an article over on Slash Gear and by way of Computer World, the military is looking into developing Android and iOS apps for use on the Apple iPad and Android based tablets that will apparently be deployed to help with recon.

Apparently the military would be able to use the apps and tables to send info quickly to command units and even remotely control camera aboard military drones.

The word is that the US military have contracted ISS and Harris with a view to developing the iOS and Android apps for the military, with Harris developing an app that will enable the military to control camera on a UVA and on the Apple iPad so soldiers and see what the UVA locates in the way of enemy weapons.

ISS is apparently developing apps for both the iPhone and Android devices that informs soldiers where the fighting is and what bombings have taken place and also transmits data back to the command centre for tactical evaluation.

And you thought mobile apps where just for passing the time when bored or for finding out where something is, seems mobile apps and mobile devices have a lot more uses than thought.

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