iPhone 5 Cases Reveal Same Design As Current Model

If you are holding out for when Apple released their next generation iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5, don’t expect it to look that much different from the current iPhone 4 as apparently images of what are reportedly iPhone 5 cases reveal the iPhone 5 design will be much the same as the iPhone 4.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, the source of several accurate cases for the Apple iPad 2, Alibaba, is showing iPhone 5 cases in their listings, and apparently the cases show the design to be almost identical to that of the iPhone 4.

These purported cases for the iPhone 5 sport camera and LED flash cut-outs to the rear, sleep/wake button and earphone jack holes at the top along with a SIM slot opening on the side although apparently case makers don’t leave those ports open in cases.

According to Alibaba, the iPhone 5 2011 case is a hard case made from Polyester and is available in six colours.

The current rumour with the iPhone 5 is that the device will come out to play sporting a larger almost edge-to-edge display with a much thinner bezel, which came about from some design mold engineering drawings a while ago, which also shows the design of the iPhone 5 to be similar to the current iPhone 4.

Thus judging on the current evidence available it would appear that the new iPhone 5 wont look that dissimilar to what is available right now. Do you think Apple should have gone with a completely new design for the next generation iPhone?

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