Red Nose Day iOS App Puts Fun In Your Pocket

As most in the UK will know, today is Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, a day for doing stuff to raise cash for worthy causes and the whole of the UK gets together to do something funny for donations to help change people’s lives and for those in need.

And if you own an iOS device you can of course download the Red Nose Day iOS app called Red Nose Day In Your Pocket, and app that will enable the user to keep up with all things related to Red Nose Day.

The Red Nose Day In Your Pocket app for the iPhone iPod Touch and Apple iPad delivers a special video introduction from Demot O’Leary along with access to previous introductions from Claudia Winkleman and ex-Dr Who, David Tennant.

With the Red Nose day In Your Pocket iOS app users gain all the latest news and video clips for Red Nose Day, links to exclusive content in iTunes, access to the Red Nose Day Twitter feed, Red Nose Day countdown clock, and more.

For your viewing pleasure we have a quick promo video of Red Nose Day 2011 courtesy of the Rednoseday YouTube channel, so don’t forget to check that out, and we’d love to know if any of our readers are doing something special for this year’s Red Nose Day so feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.

For those who wish to take advantage and join in the fun fundraising this Red Nose Day you can download the free at to your Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone by hitting up iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Red Nose Day iOS App Puts Fun In Your Pocket”

  1. J Clarkson says:

    Red Nose day will make the longer term situation for people worse. Why? Because it encourages saving people. By saving them the global population will continue to grow – doubling every 61 years. At that rate in just two life times there will be 28 billion people on the planet. Right now we are already suffering droughts in the USA, Russia, Australia, China and Africa. We are suffering from huge inflation rates – over 9% in Egypt – on food alone. Russia is stopping food exports and fertilizer exports. This will degrade soil. Combine with droughts eventually the world simply won't be able to feed itself.

  2. J Clarkson says:

    What will cause this: the loss of oil – around 2046 on current predictions. Oil is used to produce 80% of food. There are no current substitutes that work. Ask any expert. Hydrogen and electric devices are simply impractical. Can we also imagine what the world would be like if we discovered fusion technology (not fission – the dangerous nuclear systems we use now). Then the world could overpopulate at even a higher rate destroying more of its resources.

  3. J Clarkson says:

    So if as the Red Nosers want to, we cure Malaria, we exacerbate the suffering in the future. We create MORE suffering. Doubling it every 60 years.

    This is why we should never support charities of any kind. We do more evil by doing so than by not supporting them.

    Don't like that thought. Consider this: imagine a bathroom with just 2 people using it. Everyone has dignity. We can share the use of the bathroom. Now image the house has 4, 8 , 16, 32 up to over 1000 people trying to use the bathroom. Where is the dignity there? Life descends into chaos when we overpopulate.

    Humans are a plague species. Like locust with brains they equalise healthy long lives with GOOD, and early deaths with EVIL. But that's because few understand the exponential theorem.

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