HTC Incredible S In-Depth Video Review

For those who might be thinking of picking up the HTC Incredible S smartphone we have an in-depth video review of the Android 2.2 Froyo touting smartphone for your viewing pleasure below. The HTC Incredible S review is of the European version of the device whilst the US version, the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon hasn’t yet been officially introduced.

The HTC Incredible S in-depth video review comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena, and they do say that the HTC Incredible S seems to be identical to what is expected with the HTC Droid Incredible 2 so the review could be seen as a prelude to the US version of the smartphone.

The HTC Incredible S video review delivers almost ten minutes of getting up close and personal with the Android handset, although if you prefer a written review the guys have a nice four page review of the device available on their website.

The guys have come up with a couple of pros and cons for the HTC Incredible S, the pros being a super responsive platform experience with a sharp looking Super LCD display while the cons are the device isn’t quite a modern high end handset while videos and pictures look muddy.

So if you don’t have the time to check out that four page written review along with numerous pictures, you can make the jump below, hit that play button and check out the video, and feel free to voice your opinions of the handset to our comments area below…enjoy.


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