Angry Birds Rio Android Available in Amazon App Store US Only

Not to be left completely out in the cold by the release of Angry Birds Rio for iOS, the Android version of the popular multi-platform Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Rio for Android can now be downloaded from the new Amazon App Store.

Unfortunately though unlike previous Angry Birds games for Android angry Birds Rio isn’t available from the Android Market and also like previous version of the game is free to Android users as Amazon has discounted the price by 100%…sweet.

However, unfortunately Angry Birds of Android appears to be limited to only US Android users as the Amazon App Store is only available in the US of A, which means overseas Angry Birds fans miss out on this one.

The Angry Birds Rio app for Android features the same 60 levels as the iOS version, so for all you Android games in the states you can grab the game while us in the UK and other countries will have to hope that Amazon doesn’t have exclusivity over Angry Birds Rio for too long.

What are your views on Angry Birds Rio only being available for US Android game players, its it fair on other Android users or not?


14 thoughts on “Angry Birds Rio Android Available in Amazon App Store US Only”

  1. John says:

    So instead of just going to the market on your phone and downloading something, you have to go to amazon, do 10 steps and then be told you can't get it in your region?

    No thanks, just googled for the Angry Birds Rio apk and will be avoiding Amazon's market whenever it comes to the uk.

    1. Blu says:

      Agreed, I'm in UK – just spent ages to set up Amazon AppStore, why do they let you go through this process of installing and setting up AppStore only to be told when you go to get an app that AppStore not available to UK users..

  2. Rob says:

    Its a joke, months of plugging only to hold back world wide release. Amazon app store is a joke, get iton google market. Ill pay for it, I dont care how much.

  3. anon says:

    once again the colonies get preference over everyone else. get over it usa! you are not really better than the rest of us. in fact if it wasnt for every other country in the world you would not be the country you are today. FACT!

    amazon have missed out on a real opportunity here. how many people will forget their app store even exists by the time they roll it out to the uk

      1. anon says:

        I see the concept of sarcasm hasn't reached the states yet then. the point was that america seem to forget about the little people who helped make it was it is today.

        and besides, the big loser here is rovio (angry birds developer) as amazon has basically alienated the rest of the android using planet.

        as commented by "angry" – "Score one for Apple. Own goal for Amazon & Android"

        Google should be ashamed that they have let this happen.

  4. Lanhoj says:

    Amazon has timed-exclusive rights to Rovio's new "Angry Birds – Rio" and attempting to get it another way won`t allow you to play it (trust me, I tried) because it validates it through the Amazon App Store app.

    So, here`s how you do it:

    1) Download the Amazon App Store http://amzn.to/getappstore (from your device or if using your PC you will have to transfer the .apk to your device after)
    2) Install it to your Android device
    3) Run the Amazon App Store application
    4) Log in with a US account
    5) Ensure your Amazon.com "1-Click Setting" points to a US address (Log in using a PC to check)
    6) In the Amazon App Store locate "Angry Birds – Rio (99cents)"
    7) Download & install

    For today the full no-ads version is 100% free. Soon it goes to 99cents and the ad-supported version will be the only free one

    1. YellowPinkie says:

      Nope. I tried this first thing this morning and it checks your IP. You'll need to connect via WiFi and a proxy server (I guess, I haven't had a chance to check yet).

  5. Angry says:

    Score one for Apple. Own goal for Amazon & Android. Looks like it's better to switch to iPhone, where there is no discrimination of international users & everyone can just get their apps from the app store…

    Or maybe that's the whole idea, to get people to switch to Apple.

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