New iPhone 4 Element Vapor Cases: Where To Buy

Say hello to the new iPhone 4 Element Vapor Cases, these are stunning high-grade CNC aluminium framed cases that look fantastic, we will let you know of a few online stores where you can buy them from.

These aircraft grade aluminium cases have been CNC machined from a single block and only weigh 19 grams, they are sleek and very good looking indeed and have been anodized to give you that hard protective coating.

The cases come in an array of colours and have been laser engraved to give them that extra bit of class, the inside of the Element Vapor case has been lined with high tech shock absorbing to withstand great G-Force. They look stunning and even though we do not know a lot about these iPhone 4 cases we will still let you know where you can buy them.

We are not responsible for any purchases you make; we do NOT know the sites that are selling these cases so please buy at your own risk. Below are a few online stores you can buy them from.

First up is Element Case where the Vapor cases sell from $79.95, next up is WithGlobal who has them on sale for $39.99, WithGlobal also do bulk buy where if you buy 10 cases they are $36.69 and 20 cases at $35.98 each. If you are in the UK you can visit iOffer for these iPhone 4 cases where the asking price is £30.65.

If you know of any other store that is selling the iPhone 4 Element Vapor Cases please do let us know. If you already have one of these cases then send in your personal reviews. Thanks


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  1. Hello Phones Review! I am a representative from Element Case, Inc. and on behalf of the company, thank you for reviewing our product. Please be advised that these cases are designed and manufactured in the state of California, U.S.A. Currently, the only approved website where you can purchase an authentic, original Element Case product is at our website / online store http://www.elementcase.com. Please be forewarned that due to the overwhelming success of our product, there are many, many sub-standard knockoff copies of our product out there, mostly manufactured in Asia. Please beware that these knockoffs are die-cast from cheaper metal alloys. Authentic, original Element Case products are milled from solid blocks of high-grade aluminum to our exacting design and specifications. So please look for the original, authentic Element Case, Inc. and feel free to contact us at support@elementcase.com if you have any other questions. Thanks and enjoy our product!

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