Jeego App For BlackBerry Devices Now Available

If you are an owner of a BlackBerry smartphone and on occasion like to send out e-cards to your friends and loved one, there is now a new e-card app available for BlackBerry devices from Jeego, which will ad an extra splash of colour to your messaging.

Apparently the Jeego app for BlackBerry takes the social aspect of BlackBerry to the next level enabling the user to send out interactive and personalised jokes, messages and e-cards right from your BlackBerry handset.

The CEO of Jeego, Will Walsh says, “We felt that BlackBerry was a great platform for the Jeego app. BlackBerry has a massive teen audience that has been drawn to handsets because of their social attributes. From text to BBM it is the messaging features that have made BlackBerry so popular with youth markets and Jeego is the logical progression of this. Our app allows young people to enhance the way they send messages and stay in contact with friends by adding a new dimension to what they are already doing. It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but developing for BlackBerry can be a tough prospect. If we can make Jeego work for the youth market then I’m sure we’ll see a whole wealth of BlackBerry apps coming out and having huge success”.

With Jeego for BlackBerry e-cards can be sent via email. MMS or Facebook and has lots of funky designs to choose from, along with a “love metre” where Purple Ronnie predicts the user’s love compatibility with that special person they have their eye on.

Initially the Jeego application will be available for the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Torch although Jeego is working on an app for other BlackBerry devices and the app is available from Jeego for £2.99 for the full version.


4 thoughts on “Jeego App For BlackBerry Devices Now Available”

  1. Jon McAdam says:

    Great little app. Loved the birthday reminders stuff. Works well with Facebook – very funny. Actually impressed for a Blackberry app is it very good. Ed

    1. carlton fan says:

      i agree! i've just found this app on my bb torch and i'm impressed! oen of the best apps i've seen on bb. they've got sweet little personalised ecards and i've just sent a couple of nice easter greetings to family – all from the mobile, horay!

  2. Clay Matthews says:

    I like Jeego too – good app for Facebook Reminders – has your friends pictures on the screen. The photo fun thing is good – put your own photos in funny frames and post to Facebook and Twitter and email. Good app and nice stuff in it. Some of the content is a bit girly but there's some wind-up stuff that's funny. The latest update has new Easter Ecards and Mothers Day stuff I think too.

  3. Clay Matthewa says:

    Facebook birthday reminders are excellent – tells you whose brithday is coming up with a photo of your friends and does all this automatically. Great for Easter Cards, Mother's Day, Christmas etc. too plus loads of flirty and love stuff. You can add your own text too to cards. A great Blackberry app. Works geat on WiFi and 3G but a tad slow when not – due to the content being mostly videos.

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