Apple iPad 2 FaceTime Camera Seeing Freeze Problems

It would appear that several iOS tablet users are experiencing a freezing problem with the front facing camera of their tablet device when attempting to make a video call using the FaceTime app, apparently the camera locks up.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, several Apple iPad 2 users are posting their problems with the camera to Apple Discussions, although it isn’t too clear how extensive this problem is at the moment, but the word is the problem comes from a bug that could be fixed in the next release of iOS.

Apparently the camera freeze problem will not go away until such times as the user restarts their iOS device, but apparently this freezing isn’t the only problem users are experiencing…

Some users are experiencing issues not only with the front facing camera but the rear facing camera as well, with one user posting” I had this problem on my iPad 2 as well. I restored the iPad and it was fixed, but during a FaceTime call I switched to the back camera and it froze the video on both ends of the call (but NOT the local video / video of me on my end and video of them on their end).”

Thus it looks like several users are experiencing this freezing problem with their Apple iPad, so we’d like to know if any of our readers are experiencing the same problems and if so let us know by posting to our comments area below.


13 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 FaceTime Camera Seeing Freeze Problems”

  1. Fppp09 says:

    I am having problems with my iPad if I am using a website for entering data it will exit to the home screen even using evernote it will exit to the home screen and facetime will not connect or it just freezes in the first frame with no voice.

  2. Raoul-in-longhua says:

    Hello all,
    We have the same problem, camera freezing during call between iPad2 and iPhone4. When we want to use the back camera then the call freeze then stop, then need to wait few minutes before getting a “stable” connexion again…
    Thanks for this topic, wish this can push Apple to make their system working properly.

  3. Conan says:

    We aslo have the freezing issue with the camera app, Did a reboot with the home button and the on off switch held down for a few seconds, and have got all functions back. Bit of a pain if this is not just a one off problem.

  4. James M. Shih says:

    Did you guys install IcaughtU Pro, cause I have 4 iphones, ipad2 and 3 and it all have the same problems.  I unintall the IcaughtU Pro and then install CUC (clean up crap), used the terminal to run CUC then reboot.  It solved the problem.  I just wrote an email to Itay, he wrote IcaughtU Pro and he always answers me by email very quickly.  Here’s what I wrote to him:
    Dear Itay, How are you lately?I’m not sure if this is a bug that affects all devices, but I have 4 Iphone 3 Ipad 1,2,3 in the house and found a bug in IcaughtU Pro that freezes the front camera when “receiving” facetime calls (only shows the word “paused”). There’s also another thread in a forum I found that lead me to check on this. What I did was uninstall the IcaughtU Pro and then use terminal to CUC (clean up crap) then reboot. The facetime will work fine afterward. I re-did the installation again but only respring the Iphone 4 and the Ipads 2,3, the facetime still works. It’s only if I then re-boot the device, the bug appears again. Just to let you know so hopefully you’ll fix the bug. To tell you the truth, I kept the IcaughtU Pro and turned off the facetime instead since I feel IcaughtU Pro is more important. Best of luck, Dr. James M. Shih

  5. Weez says:

    I cannot use my FaceTime on my iPad 2 anymore. It froze in reverse camera so all I see is myself. I’ve restarted, checked settings and can’t find out how to get it back

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