iPad 2 Accessories: EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber Case Pre-order

The recently released Apple iPad 2 took the world by storm and so much so stocks are close to running out already, leaving customers a little annoyed they did not get their hands on one. If you have one or not you may want to protect your tablet PC with new iPad 2 accessories.

Say hello to the new InnoPocket EliteFoilo iPad 2 Case, this has been designed for those that love trendy, high fashion and pure style. This is a multi-function carbon fiber case for the iPad that gives you all the above and more.

The top and bottom panels are great because they are joined together with a Patent swivel hinge that rotates 360 degrees on a stainless steel hinge pin and this allows the top panel to fold underneath the bottom panel giving you great looks and access.

The EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber Case Main Features: 100% REAL carbon fiber hand crafted, multi-function and a tabletop adaptable design, Carbon fiber book-style sleek case, Viewing stand, Protecting shield, Typing stage, Full access to all side buttons and ports and Fully protects the iPad screen and aluminum back.

The EliteFoilo Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2 is available on PRE-ORDER for US$199 and will start shipping by the end of April, would you pay $199? Pre-order now via InnoPocket

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