Android Smartphone and Tablet Security Apps Introduced by Webroot

Internet security firm Webroot has now announced 2 new mobile security apps for Android smartphones and Android tablets that delivers extensive layers of protection to your Android device, enabling users to remain protected whilst downloading apps and browsing the net from their mobile device.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android “leavergaes Webroot’s antimalware” and cloud-based and URL scanning tech to halt treats and assesses website links safety before the user clicks them.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android features numerous features to protect the users personal data if their device is compromised or stolen and also auto-checks device settings to make sure they are secure.

The VP of mobile solutions at Webroot, Quinn Curtis says, “With smartphones and tablets, we carry around vast amounts of personal data including our contacts, emails, passwords, and even financial information. This data is targeted by cybercriminals through malware, online scams, and device theft, and the market success of the Android mobile operating system provides the scale they need to make those attacks profitable. Webroot now can mitigate risks to Android users from malware, malicious websites, and personal information loss as they add smartphones and tablets as an extension of their daily lives.”

Webroot Mobile Security for Android key features are…remotely wipe text messages, contacts and personal info, remotely lock a device, send a temporary access code to a friend in case the user forgets their password, sound a loud alert so you can locate your device if nearby, sends the user a map showing the location of their device.

Webroots Mobile Security for Android are initially exclusive to Dixon’s retail stores; however a basic version with limitations is available to download for free from the Android Market.

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