iPhone 5 Front & Rear Camera by Sony

Well here we are again folks, with the latest rumours that surround the Apple iPhone 5… it is claimed that Apple could possibly ask Sony to make cameras for their latest iPhone.

Now according to an article by the guys at Tech2, Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer said that his company is making camera components for the Cupertino- based company and apparently, these components will be used for Apple’s latest iPhone 5. It is possible that these components could be one of the cameras that were shown by Sony in October 2010 and that it is likely, that the iPhone 5 will not support the 16 Megapixel camera, as this will make the latest handset bulkier than its predecessor and that the 8 Megapixel is the more likely option.

However, these claims appear to be denied by Sony’s CEO Sir Howard Stringer in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, in which he states “always puzzles me”, “Why would I make Apple the best camera?”.

Now if these rumours are proven to be true, there may now be a serious delay in the manufacture of this image senor technology, as Sony’s Sendai factory in Japan, is in one of those area that were recently hit by the natural disasters. So we have no way of knowing what affect this will now have on the iPhone 5. But, we we will keep you posted when we hear anything more.

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