iAd Gallery App free on iOS iPhone

Latest news is that that you can download an app to your iOS iPhone and have a selection of ads at your fingertip.

The iAd Gallery is free to download and the function of this app is to bring a selection of informative and fun ads to your phone, for easy access.

There is a browser feature included in this app, which enables you to search for those ads you want to see again or to check out new ads that you have not seen before. You are also able to tag the favourite ads to a ‘Loved’ section.

I am not sure on the relevance of this app, but I am sure there are some people out there that this app will appeal to. For more information see the full article by App Shopper, which includes the download and screen shots.

For more news on the iAd Gallery app, why not have a read of my colleague James’ article written earlier or his article on the top iOS Easter games apps.

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