White iPhone 4 Vanishes From Apple Website: Gone For Good?

A while ago the Apple App Store was down, no one really knows why but apparently when it came back online the white iPhone 4 had vanished apparently Apple has officially removed the white version of their iPhone 4 for some reason.

According to an article over on T3, by way of Nexus404 and 9to5 Mac, all trace of the elusive iOS device has been removed, so could this mean that Apple has finally thrown in the towel where the white iPhone 4 is concerned?

It seems a strange move to me considering not too long ago Apple chief Steve Jobs made it clear that the white iPhone 4 would be made available in the spring, but since then not a peep from Apple as to how things are progressing until this move.

No doubt there is speculation that Apple has decided to hold off with releasing the white iPhone 4 as it is expected the iPhone 5 will release later in the year, yet Apple has done a good job pushing out a white Apple iPad 2, so why not a white iPhone?

Perhaps Apple has only removed the white iPhone 4 from their website as a temporary measure, but there is a possibility it has gone for good. So what do our reader think about this move by Apple, does it mean the end of the white version of the iPhone?

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