Apple iPad 2 G-Form Extreme Sleeve Bowling Ball: Round 2 Video

The other day we posted a video showing how well the Apple iPad 2 stood up to having an 8 pound bowling ball dropped on it whilst being protected by the G-Form Extreme iPad sleeve, and now the guys have done yet another test using a heavier bowling ball.

This time round the guys use a 12 pound bowling ball dropped from the same height as previous probably just to make sure the iOS tablet can withstand a little harsher impact or perhaps just to show off what a good job the G-Form sleeve does.

The Apple iPad 2 12 pound bowling ball video footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at 9to5 Mac and of course by way of the G-Form YouTube page.

Of course we do advise anyone who owns an Apple iPad 2 not to try this at home, but if you do happen to purchase the G-Form Extreme sleeve for the iPad and give it a go then feel free to let us know if it lives up to its name…enjoy the footage.

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