Windows Phone: The Market Share by 2015

There is some interesting news coming out, regarding the predicted marked share in 2015. It is indicated that the partnership between Nokia and Windows will push Windows Phone into second place, behind Android, with iPhone being dropped to third and RIM’s BlackBerry in a lonely fourth.

The reason for the rise in Windows Phone’s market share is believed to stem from Nokia’s ability to distribute the Windows Phones globally and to keep their prices down, giving more people the chance of being able to purchase a Windows Phone device. Also, with the expected release of 40 new Nokia devices in 2011 (12 of which are believed to be smartphones); it would appear that Nokia are trying to make a big statement in the market and to their competitors.

Now this latest market share prediction is no surprise to us, as this was previous reported by my colleague James’ on 30 March 2011, see article here.

This report conducted by Gartner (a research firm), comes to us by way of Pocketnow and was sourced from PCWorld, predicts Windows Phone having 20% of the market in 2015, with Android having 48%, iPhone at 17.2% and BlackBerry holding up the rear with only 11%.

However, a lot of how this partnership will do in the smartphone market share, will also come down to the ability of Microsoft to keep up with the regular release of operating systems by others. Microsoft already appear to be having issues with the introduction of the Windows Phone 7 update ‘NoDo’, which is already delayed, This does not bode well for the partnership and will obviously bring about concerns regarding when the release of ‘Mango’, a considerably larger update will be.

So what do you think about the predicted Market share for Windows Phone in 2015, will they really be in second place? Let us know your views below.


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