Apple iPad 2 on Verizon 3G Problems Fix Coming in iOS 4.3.2

Earlier my colleague Lawrence posted an article concerning the Verizon Apple iPad 2 experiencing 3G network connection problems, apparently some Verizon users have been reporting the issue, but fear not because a solution is apparently on its way.

According to an article over on TiPb, the guys over at the Boy Genius Report say that one of their “Apple sources” has told them that iOS 4.3.2 is due release in a week or two and will have a fix for the 3G connection problems Verizon iPad 2 customers are experiencing.

Furthermore, apparently iOS 4.3.2 will also deliver a fix for FaceTime problems that some are also experiencing, along with security fixes of stuff like the Webkit vulnerabilities.

Thus hopefully all the problems should soon be corrected once Apple delivers iOS 4.3.2. Have you been experiencing these problems with your iOS device?


4 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 on Verizon 3G Problems Fix Coming in iOS 4.3.2”

  1. Paul Mudditt says:

    Yes, but there are plenty of problems introduced to 3G networking outside of the USA by iOS 4.3 that 4.3.1 did not fix, just look to the very very long thread on the Apple iPad discussions forums, will this fix our problems as well?

  2. iphone 3gs 4.3.1 says:

    I am using 3GS and I can say it is considerably slower than ever!! I dont know what is causing this BUT IT IS VERY VERY slow! PLEASE FIX THIS!

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