iPhone 5 in 3D: Your Views

Earlier today we posted an article about glasses less 3D being used on the Apple iPad 2, and more and more smartphones and tablets coming out to play in the mobile space are offering 3D, but what about Apple, will they ever pick up on the 3D craze?

3D appears to be the next big thing in the mobile arena with the likes of the HTC EVO 3D, LG Optimus 3D, which is of course the HTC Thrill 4G over in the States on AT&T, and aside from 4G, 3D is beginning to take off.

As we are well aware in the past Apple has been somewhat slow in picking up on the latest technology to hit the mobile space and always seem to bring the newest tech to their iOS devices long after everyone else, you only have to look at MMS and copy and paste to realise that.

So no doubt the next generation iPhone when it hits wont have 3D ability, unless of course Apple has that under their hat and is the reason we keep hearing a later and later than expected release date for the iPhone 5, but it is doubtful.

So our question is would the iPhone faithful out there like to see the iPhone 5 come out to play packing some glasses free 3D technology so the iOS smartphone can compete with other 3D enabled devices? Feel free to share your views on an iPhone 5 in 3D to our comments area below, and vote in our poll below…many thanks.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 in 3D: Your Views”

  1. Brandon says:

    The new iphone 5 is getting 3D, I have just received the new cases that show one extra button and two camera holes. The 3DS and HTC 3D phone include these so that might be a clear sign of 3D coming to the iphone 5

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