HTC Flyer Tablet UK May Release Date & Price

Anyone in the UK hoping to get his or her hands on the HTC Flyer Tablet, should now only have to wait until early next month to receive this Android device.

This is HTC first Android Gingerbread tablet and is expected to release on the 8 May, we had an inkling that the device would surface in the United Kingdom sometime in May as a few outlets, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse and Clove were all excepting pre-orders for the tablet with a May expected shipping date.

In an article By Stuart Dredge, CNet UK, which comes to us by way of ZDNet it is claimed that details when operators will start selling the HTC Flyer are scarce, but it appears that in the meantime the device will be available via a number of independent retailers.

At present HTC have kept quiet on the flyer’s price, however, in our article dated 12 April 2011 we reported on the expected price of the tablet being £600 and this would appear to be the backed up by outlets offering the device for pre-order with the same £600 price tag.

Some of the features for the HTC Flyer, which is covered with an aluminium unibody casing are Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with an updated version of the HTC Sense software and a single-core 1.4GHz processor. For more information on the HTC Flyer tablet, why not check out the ‘official intro video’.

With a large £600 price tag hanging around its neck, will you be deterred from getting your hands on the HTC Flyer?, please let us know your views below.


4 thoughts on “HTC Flyer Tablet UK May Release Date & Price”

  1. Stephen says:

    I definately want one of these, I'm not detered by the price. HTC actually look like they've put a lot of hard work into this product. It sports many features which actually make it a good device to use in business and in meetings. Im not to worried about the singlecore processor. 1.5 GHZ working independantly is a step up in concerns of tablets. The User interface seems sleak, well polished and I genuinely believe this will be a success. There's a reason why this is more expensive then other tablets on the market right now. That reason is because it's quite simply better, in every sence of the word. I'm not going to say iPad watch out because we all know that for as long as Apple lives they will dominate the market, but from a usage perspective and how this tablet can integrate into my life. It leaves the iPad standing. I will definately finance for a HTC Flyer rather then spend £350 on a iPad which does absolutely everything my iPod touch 4g can do. HTC you deserve a proper well done, unlike other first attempts yours seems the best I've seen. I will definately be buying one of these !

  2. Duncan says:

    Any orders excepted by Amazon, Carphone Warehouse ect will not be delivered accourding to the above.

    I therefore hope the orders were accepted as they are more likely to be delivered.

    I would buy this item though.

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