Skype for Android App Open to Privacy Hacks

There have been several reports over mobile applications sending out personal information in the past and another has apparently come to light today, Skye for Android, which apparently leaves your personal info wide open to attack.

According to an article over on Engadget, the guys over at Android Police reports that the Skype for Android app features SQLite3 databases for storing all a users personal data and apparently Skype hasn’t encrypted the files or even enforced permissions.

Thus what this boils down to is rogue apps could access and grab all your personal info from your smartphone, just like a test program Android Police built called Skypwned so they could prove the vulnerability.

And just so you can see for yourself we have a video demo showing the vulnerability in Skype and Skype for Android for your viewing pleasure below. However the guys do say that Skype Mobile for Verizon seems to be unaffected at the moment, while the word is Skype is investigating the issue.


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