White iPhone 4 US Best Buy Launch Date Revealed

Yesterday it came to light that the white iPhone 4 may be launching in Europe next week on the 27th of April, but what about the US white iPhone 4, when can white iPhone 4 hopefuls in the States expect to be able to grab the white iOS smartphone?

Well according to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, they have received a Best Buy inventory screenshot from a source that shows the white iPhone 4 may come out to play in the US on the very same day as in Europe, Wednesday the 27th.

The supplied screenshot shows the AT&T white iPhone 4 however; apparently a Verizon iPhone in white is also coming according to the source.

Furthermore, apparently the guys have been informed that both 16GB and 32GB white iPhone 4 handsets have already been shipped to Best Buy locations across the country in preparation for the Wednesday launch.

It has been suggested however that there could possible be a shortage of the 32GB model although that is yet to be confirmed. So who’s hoping to snap up the white iPhone 4 next week?


2 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 US Best Buy Launch Date Revealed”

  1. Gary Burt says:

    i just bought my black one last week and if indeed this white one does come out, believe me ill be back to trade mine in! although i was hoping to wait till this summer to get an "iphone 5" but when you wife breaks her phone you have to get a new one right then! haha

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