Amazon CEO Stay Tuned For New Tablet

As you probably know there is a rumour going around that Amazon will put out a tablet device at some point, which apparently will supplement the Amazon Kindle rather than replace the ereader and the boss of Amazon has now commented on the possible release of that Amazon tablet.

According to Apple Insider, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, in an interview with Consumer Reports earlier in the week, when asked about the possibility of the Amazon tablet, replied…”Stay tuned,” a remark that has apparently prompted speculation that Amazon will indeed put out an Apple iPad challenger.

However, Bezos apparently killed off the rumour of a coloured screen device that would use e-ink tech by stating that colour e-ink “is not ready for prime time…the colors are very pale,” but added “it continues to be improved.”

So it would appear that the Amazon Kindle will be around for some time yet as they have no intensions of killing it off, and at some point in the future we should see an Amazon tablet of some description. Would any of our readers consider purchasing an Amazon tablet if it became available?

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