Samsung Galaxy S 2 Lovingly Unboxed on Video

The successor to the highly popular Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy S 2 isn’t available in the good ole US of A just yet, but those that do want the Samsung Galaxy S 2 can grab it at full retail, but before you do why not check out an unboxing video of the Android device.

Thus we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Aaron Baker over at Phone Dog, a traditional unboxing of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Samsung Galaxy S 2, which delivers just over twelve minutes of getting up close and personal with the device.

We reported previously that when the Samsung Galaxy S 2 does finally make it to US shores, the device will be renamed with US carriers, so the AT&T version will be the Attain, the Sprint version will be the Within, and the Verizon version will be the Function, but basically still the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 via full retail does come a quite a hefty price though costing roughly $750 and of course depending on shipping method. Ths Galaxy S 2 Aaron unboxes comes from eXpansys US, but is the device worth that 750 bucks? Head on down and hit play to find out…enjoy.

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