Samsung Galaxy S2 Spanks iPhone 4 Sales in korea

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) is off to a very good start when it comes to sales in Korea, so much so it is the fastest-selling smartphone in the country, and it spanks the likes of the iPhone 4 sales.

The Android dual-core handset has already reached one million sales in only its first month according to Electronista, the first Samsung Galaxy S to around 70-days to reach one million sales. Earlier on today Phones Review author James reported that the Galaxy S 2 is suffering yellowish screen problems, please let us know if you are having such problems with your handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 featuring 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, 3G, 21Mbps and a new TouchWiz interface, shipped at the end of April in Korea and got to the 100,000 sales mark in just a mere three days, it got to 200,000 in eight days, then 500,000 in two weeks and then 1,000,000 within the first month.

However, the Apple iPhone 4 in Korea only reached 300,000 pre-orders reflecting. Apple has limitations by only selling through KT. Apple has not even sold one-million iPhone 4’s in Korea because of the limitations, but now the iPhone is being sold by both KT and SK Telecom, which means numbers will rise fairly well.

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