WWDC 2011 Boring, No iPhone 5 Madness

Sounding Off Quickie: WWDC 2011 is supposed to be exciting where we sit on the edge of our seats in awe, well this year is a little disappointing and so much so we have called the event “WWDC 2011 Boring” seeing as no iPhone 5 will be announced, its madness.

Is Apple completely crazy not to mention anything about the iPhone 5? Of course they are, ok they will mention a few details about the new iOS 5 for the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone, but sorry no back flips hear today.

We might be wrong and the event may bring some awesome news, but not holding our breath to tell you the truth. Whatever the outcome we will still bring you all the news announced by Apple today. Keep coming back as we will cover all. Join us free on Twitter or Facebook

Check out our article we did earlier titled “WWDC 2011: iOS 5 Notifications Leak & Magic Video”, got to admit we liked this one very much.

WWDC 2011 kicks of at 6PM UK time, whilst you wait please do visit our poll set up below and answer our question by clicking on the relevant field. Please vote below, as this will allow us to get to know our readers a little more. Thanks

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