Complaint over Android Verizon tethering apps

Free Press has filed a tethering complaint against Verizon with FCC; this is all about the blocking of tether apps by Verizon that could jeopardise the future of LTE.

PCWorld has reported that Free Press complaints surrounds Verizon violating U.S. Federal Communications Commission rules, they are doing this because they are blocking users from using third-party tethering applications on Android smartphones.

Tethering apps are apparently being blocked or removed, which stops them being viewed and downloaded to Verizon devices. Is it the case that Verizon forces users into purchasing and additional mobile hotspot service on top of your data plan? If users wanted to load a third party app from outside the market to tether, Verizon were apparently blocking users from doing this.

Droid-Life took a few complaints from the Free Press PDF file, these include a view arguments they have given to the FCC over blocking tethering apps on LTE, number 1 includes, Verizon’s actions in cutting off access to tethering applications unlawfully “limit” and” restrict the ability” of its customers “to use the devices and applications of their choice.”

Number 2 includes, removing applications from the Android Market severely limits and restricts their distribution, and number 3 includes, Mobile broadband providers, including Verizon, offer their own expensive tethering services that compete with the free and low-cost options offered in the Android Market.

Do you think the above complaints would change the whole smartphone industry and the future of LTE? Please let us know what you think.