iOS 5 iCloud integration on iPhone 4: Video Walkthrough

WWDC 2011 was very good on Monday; many new features were announced such as iOS 5, iCloud and OX X Lion. The iPhone 5 did not get a mention, but we already knew that was going to happen. We thought we would embed a video below giving you a walkthrough of the new iOS 5 on the iPhone 4.

The iOS 5 is in beta stages at the moment and readily available for developers, the public release will be this fall.

Many developers have downloaded the new iOS 5 onto the iPhone 4 and many features have been mentioned online via social networking sites, news groups and blogs. Some of the features on this new operating system include the likes of ‘Reminders’, ‘Notifications’, ‘Deep Twitter Integration’, and so much more, 200+ features have been included.

There are new features where you can open a new page from links in Safari, according to iPhone Rumors. Like Android, the new iOS 5 has a pull down menu feature; the feature that stands out most for us is the iCloud features.

You will not have to update your apps the conventional way anymore, because now when you go into the App Store via your iPhone 4 or 3GS click on ‘Updates’ and you will see a new tab called ‘Purchased’, it will show you all your app history purchases and if it has a cloud next to it, it means you have purchased but it is not installed on your device, click the cloud and it will install onto your device.

The Apple iCloud service is free and will let users store up to 5GB please be aware this does not count music, apps, books etc. PC, Laptop syncing, pardon that is a thing of the past now. OTA update is the way iOS 5 roll now. Please check out the video below showing many more features, thanks.

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